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LauncherPlus - Simplify collaboration in any conference room

First-time Usage
Option 1
Typical Software Installation
Setp 1. Connect LauncherPlus
Step 2. Browse the LauncherPlus USB storage and double click Launch Novo.exe. This will complete the auto installation process (only for first time set up).
LauncherPlus - Setp1. Plug in your LauncherPlus
LauncherPlus - Step2. Execute Launcher Novo file in the LauncherPlus USB
Option 2
Mass Deployment
Step 1. Download and deploy MSI package
Step 2. Connect LauncherPlus and software will automatically launch
LauncherPlus - Step1. Download Preinstallation package then run
LauncherPlus - Step2. Plug in your LauncherPlus
I have run it before
Simplicity at its best. Just plug and play
LauncherPlus - one step run